In Memoriam

Remembering our friends who have gone before us. Cherishing the times we had with them.

In Memoriam

Allman, JamieHealy, MikeMunson, Scott
Baker, NormHeintz, VirginiaNorris, Steve
Bohanon, DanHill, LynnO'Donnell, Timothy
Booe, TomJane, RobertParnitzke, Danny
Bosi, DomincJurinek, JoePerlongo, Nick
Brown, KevinKoch, LarryPeterson, Len
Corso, WayneLambrakos, TheoPrzybylski, Dale
Creagh, MickeyLindeman, RickRailsback, Jamie
Cullinan, CathyLondos, PamRogers, Cathy
Dasch, KathyLusk, JamesSeay, Gary
Doyle, LindaLysik, TomSlager, Keith
Feigl, BettyMartens, PhilipSchultz, Jim
Frank, PamMcDonald, MaxineTaylor, Mitch
Gillece, DonnaMiller, DonaYorkman, Denise
Griff, Steve

Our method for gathering this information is based on word-of-mouth. Please let us know if you see any inaccuracies.  We would also like to thank Katie Anetsberger, Class of 2012, for establishing the Facebook group, Remembering our Fallen Rams.

If you know of any classmates who are no longer with us, please leave a comment below so that we can honor their memory here.

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14 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. My Brother Larry J. Koch class of 76 passed in 2010. Just so the class of 76 can update their records. RIP today 11-14-2015 is his Birthday and he will always be remembered. He was married to Cindy (Hermann) class of 1980 leaving 4 Beautiful Children.

  2. My husband, Dave Wardean..also known as The Mayor back in the day, graduated in 1977 n died March 30, 2010. We were together 29 yrs. He left me with a Beautiful daughter, Elizabeth who is now 13. Also Daves Birthday is Wed. Dec 2nd

  3. Dave Wardean graduated from Reavis NOT myself. He should have graduated 76 but because of his birthdate grad. 77. I knew him since 1980 N know MANY of Reavis alumni.

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