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We came from across the country, we played all night long, we conquered 40 years of separation. Nobody does Reunion like RHS Class of ’76!

bruce-grienkeAnyone who attended will tell you, “It went too fast!” Even though people showed up early, made the most of every minute between 7:00 and 11:30 p.m., and stayed late – until we were kicked out of the bar at closing ¬– it wasn’t enough time to catch up with the more than 100 classmates. Almost half of them brought a spouse, partner, sister(s), daughter or date. It was a crowd, and a fine one at that!

Fortunately, photos were being snapped throughout the evening. Eve Aguilar, in particular, eve-with-camerais amazingly fast and creative with a cell phone camera. Bruce Grienke came equipped with his fancy camera, and didn’t rest all night.

The ’76 Student Body President, Steve Depa, wasn’t able to attend the reunion, but he wanted to be part of it. He made a generous donation, which was used toward a photo booth. Go to the Reunion Photo Booth gallery on our website to see how much fun we had with THAT!


Speaking of generous, Jerry Stalun’s wife, Carol, also gifted us with her professional photography skills. While Jerry caught up with old friends, Carol moved through the room capturing candid and posed shots all night long. Less than 24 hours later she had them uploaded, available for us to view, download, save and share. See the full collection here. Thank you, Carol, for jumping in and making sure our memories of this fabulous night will never be forgotten!

Be sure to check out the photos and live videos (like this one*, for example) that Eve, Bruce and other classmates posted in our Facebook Group. If you took photos, please share them there, too.

For those who were able to be there, the night was gone in the blink of an eye. For those who couldn’t be there, we missed you! But the event was beautifully photo documented, and these memories will last a lifetime.

*Some may be restricted from accessing.


More photos from Carol Stalun
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    1. Gail – Some may not be able to see the video due to privacy settings on Facebook. Eve shared them on her own Facebook profile, and we’re getting them shared over to the Facebook Group (which is a closed group, for Reavis grads).

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