One Committed Reunion Committee

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This is one committed committee! They had another meeting on January 20 to hammer out details and plan next steps. Here’s where we’re at:

  • The main course menu is set; still working on the hors d’oeuvre menu (yes, we’re THAT fancy!)
  • Budget is finalized and ticket price is set at $65. Price goes up to $70 after August 1.
  • Tickets can be purchased by mail. Request a form via e-mail. As of February 15, buy your ticket(s) online (via PayPal).
  • Working on getting a DJ . . . there WILL be dancing!
  • Next meeting is scheduled in March.  At this pace, by the time we get to October, this group will have nothing to do but drink!

There are still lots of details to handle, and according to the post-meeting report that went out to the committee, everyone is rolling up their sleeves and getting it done!

Do you want to get involved? Dig out your photos of good times at Reavis High, and send them to us via e-mail. They’ll be added to a photo gallery on the website.

For a steady stream of banter from Reavis’ Class of ’76, be sure to join the Facebook Group, too.

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