The Reunion Committee

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It’s official.

Reunion planning has commenced!

The Reunion Committee had their first official meeting on Wednesday, November 4.  Within a matter of hours they confirmed a date and place!

Date:  Friday, October 7, 2016

Place: Chuck’s – Chateau Orleans Banquets, in Darien

More details will be posted on the website as soon as we have them. The plan is to make tickets available for purchase online.  Stay tuned!

Not pictured above, contributors include:

  • Kathy (Ganser) Packard – Data curation
  • Laura (Waters) Sharwarko – Data curation
  • Debi (Dvorak) Davis – Website

13 thoughts on “The Reunion Committee

  1. I just read the notes from the meeting that Maureen e-mailed to us. You guys made some great progress! I know you’re narrowing down on a date and a place and in the process of finalizing paperwork and deposits. Looking forward to hearing about the confirmed details.

    Thanks everyone, for doing all the running around!


  2. Great information doing a great job I start working on notify as many as can and will try come to next meeting to help godbless excited! #!!☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

    1. Thanks Kim! We’ll be sure to send out a call for help. I’m sure the momentum will build and there’ll be lots to do!

    1. You’re registered for the site and you completed an entry in the Guest Book, but you didn’t RSVP. Click the RSVP link and add your name. We’re manually adding names as they are submitted using this link, so be patient. It may take several hours before you see your name appear on the RSVP after you sign up. I hope that helps!

  3. You guys are awesome and too beautiful. … I’m going to have to lose a thousand pounds and get botox before i can come party with you all. How did 40 years pass so quickly?

  4. The reunion committee is excited about all the arrangements so far. It should be a great time. Cannot believe it is our 40th as we are all so young at heart! ❤️

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